Overcome death by staying eternally with your loved ones.

Our service allows you to transfer consciousness for emotional experiences.


Token sale ends in

$31M of $38,8M


How EMY works ?

Purchase of body wraps with EMY tokens
Modification of the body envelope, integration of a consciousness and modification of the virtual place by the user.
Immerse yourself in the metaverse and interact emotionally and infinitely with your loved one. Situation identical to a reality.

Why choose our token

Immersive experience
An immersive and comforting emotional experience
Advanced technology
Use of state-of-the-art technology (Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality Headset and Artificial Intelligence)
Unlimited experience
The ability to use our service during one's lifetime, and even after one's death thanks to AI
Competitive monopoly
We hold the monopoly of this service, without any competition

Our technology

We use the most popular technology to create an environment adaptable to your memories, reproduce the behavior of your loved one and thus create an emotional bridge without limits.

Unlimited experience
A unique experience, renewable without repetition.
Secure server
Decentralized and secure servers for each user.
Simple and unique payment
Use our EMY tokens for all our services.
State of the art technology
Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and later hologram

Details of our service

Our service allows two types of users, and focuses on an unlimited need which is emotion. Indeed, immortality does not exist, so our users are constantly growing.

First possible use: to allow during his lifetime to buy a body envelope, to transfer his consciousness and to give him our appearance. This body envelope could then be bequeathed to our loved ones so that they can live, discuss, etc. with the person even after his death. 

Second possible use: your loved one is unfortunately already deceased before being able to benefit from our service, don’t worry, it is possible thanks to our artificial intelligence to finely create its behavior by integrating it into a body envelope previously purchased, give it its appearance and benefit from our service.

Third possible use: transpose the body envelope previously purchased and create to live a new emotional experience, thanks to our research on holograms, it will be possible in the near future to interact with your loved one with an increased realism. To have access to these rooms, payment in EMY tokens will be necessary.

Sale token

27 Feb, 2022 - 27 Jun, 2022
Pre-sale EMY (ICO) Round 1
27 Jun, 2022 - 27 Jul, 2022
Pre-sale EMY (ICO) Round 2
27 Jul, 2022 - 30 Nov, 2022
Pre-sale EMY (ICO) Round 3

All round it’s without any cliff or vesting.

Only the team and our partners’ tokens are locked in for 12 months.


For the launch of our ICO we want to mark the occasion by allowing the first 1,000* investors depositing a minimum of $3,000 to receive the Eternalmemory starter pack.
(There are only 10 places left.)

This will consist of the following items:

– An Oculus Quest 2
– An Oculus Link cable
– A transport house
– A gift card worth $100 to be used in the Oculus store.
– An adjustable and comfortable strap
– A charging station

This pack will be sent to each investor who has invested a minimum of $3 000, it will be sent by parcel directly to your home after the end of the last phase of the ICO. To do this we will contact you directly by email to get your delivery details.
*The starter pack offer is limited, you will be notified when the 1000 people are reached

Sponsorship Program

Eternal memory has set up an advantageous sponsorship program that rewards people who show interest in our service, but also the sponsored person for participating in our ICO.

The program breaks down as follows:

– The sponsor earns 8% in EMY of what the referred person deposits.

– The sponsored person earns 4% of his investment in EMY.

Our referral program therefore rewards both actors of the referral program!

The referral bonus will be credited directly to your Eternalmemory account, as soon as the transaction is validated by the blockchain. Your investment and the referral bonus will be available for withdrawal as soon as the ICO closes and can therefore be withdrawn to your personal wallet.


March 2022
  • ICO Stacking
  • IA Creation
December 2022
April 2023
  • Metaverse Creation
  • Alpha Test
July 2023
December 2023
  • Launch
March 2022
  • ICO Stacking
December 2022
  • IA Creation
April 2023
  • Metaverse Creation
July 2023
  • Alpha Test
December 2023
  • Launch

Our Team

James Manley

James Manley


Kohana Miyamoto

Kohana Miyamoto

AI Generalist



3D Generalist

Scott Major

Scott Major

Holography researcher

Alan Karcov

Alan Karcov

Unreal Engine Programmer

Barton Chewels

Barton Chewels


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