The grief ! It is enormous following the inevitable loss of a loved one, the death intervenes it is the end for a person but it is the beginning of an emotional torment for the others. This is the experience that James Manley had, and the experience that everyone on earth will have, or has had. Eternalmemory would be a band-aid for these people.

James Manley, a talented young entrepreneur with several technology firms, decided to leave everything behind when a tragedy occurred that turned his life upside down. The tragic death of his two parents in a car accident. He gave the direction of all these companies to his best friend, in order to dedicate himself to only one thing, to be able to say all the things he had not had time to say to his parents before they left, and to be able to see them smile together again from time to time in their country house.

In 2021 James Manley, imagines all the possibilities to achieve this. The dazzling technological advances of the last few years give him a genius idea, to mix all these advanced technologies to counterbalance the effects of death on the loved ones by allowing to create immortal consciousness, and thus to keep his loved ones close to him for eternity. An ingenious mix of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain to create what no one could think possible the immortality of consciousness, this one will allow on an emotional level to serve as a “band-aid” or comfort, the possibility to have a last discussion, to say what’s on your heart or just talk when it’s not going well. The Eternalmemory service is that possibility.

James Manley has imagined a service that allows a person who has lost a loved one or a person who wants to bequeath to their loved ones the possibility to stay by their side eternally, to be able to introduce a consciousness into a dematerialized body envelope previously purchased with the EMY token, Eternalmemory’s unique cryptocurrency, this envelope will study the behavior, This envelope will study the behavior, the specificities of the person to be able to copy it identically in any situation, this body envelope will be able to be shaped in the image of the person, it will then be integrated into the Eternalmemory metaverse, a private and secure place where the user and the deceased loved one will be able to interact, a place that will be able to be modified in the image of a memory such as the bench on the beach of your first appointment. James Manley wants to use Eternalmemory to find happiness while allowing everyone else to do so.

But James’ vision does not stop there, he is looking to go beyond the limits of what is currently possible by modeling his project on a technology that is holograms, but James said “it’s in the research phase, our efforts are on what we can accomplish right now, to help as soon as possible people suffering from grief.